The question of whether your old or damaged roof needs to be completely replaced is one of the main concerns for contractors and managers when they visit our company’s commercial roof installation specialists. Sometimes they inquire with a little anxiety because it is a misunderstanding that replacement is extremely costly and detrimental to the company. But still, there is a common misunderstanding that a full tear-off and reconstruction is the only solution to a commercial roof that has problems and leaks. 

Is your roof consistently enduring a leak that is worsening and ruining places within your building? Or have you been badly hit by a heavy storm? There are a few cases where the right option to fix the roof, depending on the extent of the problems.

You may want to call for a detailed inspection by Portland commercial roofing even though your roof is totally intact after a hurricane or extreme summer storm, as massive grenades or falling debris such as tree branches can irreparably damage the roof surface or substructures of your roofs. Another problem that might demand a roof replacement is the poor commercial roof installation at the start. Especially if your commercial building is purchased by a second-party and you are not aware of the history. 

If you notice issues like missing flashing or poor drainage, these signs indicate a poor commercial roof installation. You may need a commercial roof replacement or a new commercial roof installation. With our experts in commercial roof installation and replacement, we assure you and your employees a protected and safe commercial roof installation for years to come. From many other benefits, our roof replacement services will provide you with:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Best reputation
  • Curb appeal
  • Reasonable prices
  • Factory- Direct products
  • High-quality customer service
  • No-pressure inspections

Get your commercial roof inspected today for free and know your roof repair/replacement estimation today!

Efficient Metal Roofing Installation Portland 

We are experts in metal roofing installation Portland that, if properly maintained and repair, will last for more than 50 years. We have certified professional contractors in town that will provide you with the best metal roofing installation that is budget-friendly and has a long life. We will provide you with superior quality roofing products, which is the basic thing to consider in the best metal roofing installation. It also requires proper commercial roof installation in order to work purposefully and lasts long. 

Metal Roofing Installation over you exciting commercial roof

The construction of metal roofing can also be performed directly over the existing asphalt shingles since the materials for metal roofing are very lightweight. This prohibits the disposal of garbage into sites. Also, metal shake and tile profiles more substantial and can be placed over wood shingles or shakes. 

Without a comprehensive roof and an attic inspection to determine moisture, heat loss, and ice reservoir problems, we can not start building the metal roof. Our inspection guarantees you have the optimum protection against these threats for your commercial roof life. Our experts for metal roofing work closely with owners to ensure we meet your objectives for a beautiful and long-lasting roof, which is solid and impenetrable to the elements. Call us today and get your estimation done for commercial roof installation absolutely free!

Tar and Gravel Roofs Replacement

We have tar and gravel roofs replacement and installation experts that provide you with high-quality and skillful craftsmanship. Tar and gravel roofs are usually constructed of 3 to 5 inches, using hot tar and roofing felt, with laminated asphalt sheets. There is also a top layer of bitumen and additional top mineral coating on tar and gravel roofs. The dark layers are coated with light-colored gravel. The gravel weighs the materials on the tar and gravel roofs, prevents the layers from exposure to the sun, and reflects certain light from the sun. An even gravel layer should still be stored on the roof, and a few gravel should stay unlocked to shield the roof from any foot traffic perforating. 

Our talented commercial roof installation contractors are proficient in tar and gravel roofing that provide you with an attractive, robust and long-lasting roof over your workplace. It provides you with:

  • 20+ years of life-span
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy efficient 

The tar and gravel roofs last for up to 30 years with constant care and repair. By installing more layers of roof built from fiberglass or foam to improve insulation and strengthen your tar and gravel roofs. Contact commercial roof installation contractors of commercial Portland roofing and secure your

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